Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chalk Screeching on a Blackboard.

Children, these days, are
Denied the "pleasure" of
Hearing chalk screech on a blackboard.

A sound that
Sets teeth on edge, and
Sends a chill through the body.

I had such a moment this morning.
Reading Psalm 47.
Which begins well enough:

"Clap your hands ...
Shout for joy ...
The LORD is awesome."

I was all set to clap and
Until ...

"He has subdued peoples
Under us ..
Under our feet."

My teeth clinched.
My heart soured.

Written by someone
Standing on the mountain of victory.
Written with the chalk of death.

Someone who saw God in the blood.
In the violence.
In the victory.

How different the Psalms
Written when all was lost in

Harps hung up.
No singing.
No joy.

But that's another story.

This morning.
My mind hurt.
With sadness.

Sadness for "all those peoples."
Oh sure, they were heathen.

They had no right to "our land."
It's all about national security.
The LORD is awesome.

In the minds of some,
Who Cotton to things like this.
Let the bombs fall.

Let there be death and violence.
Plenty of it.
Plenty to go around.

We're on top of the mountain.
Our little pile of bones.
Our junk yard of shell casings.

The LORD is awesome.
Subduing folks beneath our feet.
Crushing them like egg shells.

Discarded after Easter.
When we all shouted,
"The LORD is awesome."


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