Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saw God this Morning ...

Walked right on by God this morning.
Working a jackhammer.
Breaking up old cement.
She was wearing a yellow hard hat.
I'm glad I saw God this morning.
Doesn't always happen, so
That I notice.
Have to pay more attention to yellow hard hats.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reactionaries and Plums

"Fun" to watch the reactionaries fight Obama.
How they hate it when someone
Challenges their little world of
Dominance and Power.

And how they love to
Dis the poor.
I really don't understand it.
Why go after the poor?

Something seriously wrong.
"America for Americans" or something like that.
Do they really believe that?
Or is America for themselves?

A plum to be picked.

Which reminds me:
Little Jack Horner got the plum.
For sure, and then thought:
"What a good boy I am!"

Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Early Morning Thoughts

Some early morning thoughts ...

The fog lays a gentle hand on the land.
There's quietness afoot.


I've never seen a herd of lemmings
heading toward the cliff.
Must be fascinating.
Every horrifying.

No, I've never seen lemmings doing this.
But I've watched the
American People,
As of late.


Heck, who can blame the 1% for resisting social change?
Who can blame the English Aristocracy for telling
Everyone that the way things were was
God's design.

With a household full of servants.
Grounds tended by gardeners.
Carriages managed by those in liveried finest.
Nannies, cooks, and sycophants.

And much of the Church of England in their corner.
"Thus saith the LORD ..."
And all that poppycock.
Intoned so richly.