Saturday, February 16, 2008



"Collecting Collections," the current MOCA exhibit is a modern art lover's dream - from their permanent collection, a striking selection to dazzle the eye and explore the mind.

Here's the link:

There was a time when I wasn't fond of modern art, until I learned from my daughter, an art history major at Duke, to put my mind to rest and simply experience the art, and that was a breakthrough.

Like reading Scripture, modern art can't be conquered; we let it conquer us.

I love modern art for its energy, it's creativity, it's free-flowing exuberance and sensitivity to the world, human resilience, and the mystery of life.

Forms and colors, impressions and feelings, craziness, zaniness, passion - it's all there at the MOCA exhibit.

For me, one of the highlight of the show is the artists' quotes about her or his take on art, affixed to the wall near the artist's work - so many fine insights into how the mind works and creates art, or is created by the art once underway.

Sort of like writing a Sunday message. Ha!

Anyway, a great show; if you like modern art, this is a must-see exhibit.


Pastor Tom