Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some Folks Just Disappear

Google's a remarkable device ... put in a name, city, whatever.
And a host of suggestions appear.
Often just right.

But, sometimes ...
No luck.
It seems that some folks.

Just disappear.
Zip, nada, nothing.
Maybe a misspelling?

Try a few alternatives.
Not that.

What happened?

It was a long time ago we knew one another.
A visit in our home, and later a camping trip, early 70s.

Not so long ago if measured in dinosaur time.
But for us us.
Human time.

Why didn't we stay in touch?
That's always the question.
Time munches on.

Pretty much eating us all up.
And then, wipes its mouth.

And we're done.
So it goes.
Wonder where he went!