Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dream Act in CA

The anti-Dream Act effort is mean-spirited and short-sighted, lacking vision, imagination, compassion and is decidedly un-American!

We've always respected initiate and determination; if there's a group of people in this nation right now who are determined to make a better life for their families (the ultimate family-value, btw) and are willing to take the initiative and risk to make it happen, it's the immigrants (and let's face it, if they were white and blue-eyed, it would be a whole lot harder to do this; because they're Hispanic, mostly from Mexico, they make a great target (a fav America target ever since 1848), and the hardliners are so satisfied with their "righteous" take on the matter. For me, it makes me sick to my stomach!

Psalm 146.9 is very important to me, and the Biblical ethic of how the "stranger," the "alien," the "immigrant" is treated: "The LORD : who protects immigrants, who helps orphans and widows, but who makes the way of the wicked twist and turn!"

As for most Americans, I really can't say; but every day, I see waves of fear and anger washing over the American landscape, in near-tsunami proportions. Such emotions reveal what could well be the twilight of the American character, giving birth to the attitudes and desires that fueled the fascism of Europe in the years prior to WW2. Oh well, so it goes.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Victory - What an Odd Word

Just to say a few words ... but what are words?
Strange things, to be sure.
An amalgam of letters, and what are they, but symbols from
Some ancient past.
When folks told stories by campfire.
And in time,
On cave walls, or
Parchment, or 
To become a scroll, a book, a story from the shelf, a
Tall tale of giant sea monsters and
bright stars ... to make children shudder with
Delight ... or shriek with laughter, or
Curl up and go to sleep,
Dreaming of ancient heroes and warriors,
And high waterfalls and wintry mountains,
And ...
Just to say a few words ... but what are words?
In my time, they launch a ship into the sea, and the ship goes off to 
War ... and women and men fight valiantly, for dimly known
Causes ... but for the one at their side. And too many die
For the sake of conquest or victory, and talk about strange word?
What does victory mean?
When standing in a pool of blood?
With death all around?
In the midst of our constant, unyielding, mortality?
Is it immortality that we desire?
In the death of others, we might add more time to our failing candle?
Is it power that delights us?
Our testosterone-driven stories?

Victory! What an odd word!