Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Email Sent to the Congregation

Dear Readers,

As you probably know by now, Prop 8 has been overturned.

The Session (governing body) of Covenant Presbyterian Church, agreed to oppose Proposition 8, and when California voters narrowly approved it, the Session came out in favor of overturning it.

While the Session is sensitive to religions questions on the matter, the Session is clear that we're dealing here with a question of equality, something Judge Vaughn Walker affirmed in his decision. 

To read a review of Walker's decision, check out a "Faith and Reason" column by clicking HERE.

Covenant Church has a long and proud history of affirming civil rights. When California voters overturned a legislative decision (The Rumford Fair Housing Act, 1963)) and approved Prop 14 (1964) to retain housing covenants (restrictions on selling a home to minorities), Covenant's Session rose to the occasion and agreed that such covenants were simply wrong. Ultimately, the courts of California (1966), and the US Supreme Court (1967), ruled that housing covenants were unconstitutional. 

I am personally grateful for Judge Walker's decision, and I am confident that America is at its best when opening doors and windows of freedom and equality. To read my personal reflections about the decision and the quick response of the Mormon and Roman Catholic Churches to the ruling, click HERE.

Blessings and Peace.


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