Friday, November 7, 2014

Faith Is Always a Crooked Pathway

Christianity, like nature itself, abhors the straight line. Though a straight line might be the shortest distance between two points, allowing for speed, faith is filled with curves and more than enough ups and downs, requiring a slower pace. Christianity, like nature, is gloriously crooked!

I think of Jesus on his way to Jerusalem - he didn't take the direct route but detoured through Samaria. I like that, and what a bounty that detour brought - the woman at the well.

If my faith is too straight, so to speak, its life is diminished. But when it runs true to course, that is, crooked all over the place, it lives, brightly, mysteriously, with plenty of detours into unknown lands and strange places. But what bounty awaits in such twists and turns ... maybe a small discovery, or maybe a life-altering experience.

For me, I'd say: "Don't look for the straight lines, at least when it comes to faith."

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