Friday, January 22, 2010

Images of the Church

The church is like a spring in the wilderness.
It’s not the spring itself.
It’s the water.
But if we’re thirsty, we go to the Spring.
If we’re thirsty for greatness, we go to the church!
Not for the church itself, but for the water God gives there.
The stories … the liturgies … the images and the seasons … the rites and the rituals … preaching and praying … in all of it, the greatness of God!
The Spring may be in a muddy field.
And oasis in a dry land.
And we’ll get a little dirty making our way to the Spring.
The church, you see, isn’t pure.
But the water is pure.
And on bended knee,
And with faithful hope,
We will drink.
We will find God finding us.
The soul’s thirst will be assuaged.
And the soul will become great!

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